Organizations seeking a software “architect” usually have one of two very different ideas in mind about what an architect is and does and about where and how s/he can be effective.

Two Kinds of Architects

By far the most common idea organizations have is that an architect is just a “master builder” (the literal meaning of the Greek word “arkhi-tekton”), lead technologist, or very senior software engineer. This often results in fairly tortured, grab bag, one-size-fits-all role descriptions that may include…

"Although relational databases usually provide a decent solution for storing data, speed and scalability might be an issue in some cases."

With 50 years of evolution, optimization, and trial by fire (in server, mobile, and desktop environments) under their belts, I'd say that relational databases can provide an *excellent* solution…

I'm afraid that I must respectfully disagree with the false dichotomy you present between [bad!] writing detailed user stories and [good!] conversations that build shared understanding.

User stories have a life cycle (or ought to), often starting as just a headline (e.g. Manage Location Information), captured in the heat of…

User stories can be a great way to capture requirements for software development, but striking the right balance between simplicity and detail depends on understanding your goals, your organization’s culture, and the value user stories can provide.

Black design illustration with pencil on white paper

What Is a User Story?

In general, a user story begins as:

  • A ​short​, ​simple​, ​written​ ​description​ of…

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson is an experienced software application architect, music lover, problem solver, former film/video editor, philologist, and father of four.

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